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King Green JSC - Thương Hiệu Vua Gạo

With the goal of becoming the leading agricultural product brand not only in Vietnam but also in the world, we constantly continue to research and launch to the market diversified products meet the high criteria of all customers with better quality and better taste.



Quality products and ensuring health and safety are the top criteria of consumers today. Especially rice is an indispensable food in the daily meal of every Vietnamese family. Grasping that, King Green's products were born and developed with COMMITMENT & MISSION to bring the best quality and delicious meals. Besides, VUAGAO's rice factory works on a closed, modern line and always strictly complies with 5S and GMP standards

Ensuring product is safety and quality

As one of the leading rice manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam, for VuaGao, product quality is the core factor that is always prioritized in the production process. VuaGao's products are selected and produced from the best rice source of the Mekong Delta with UK food safety certifications such as BRC, ISO 22000, HACCP, and GMP.

Benefits and responsibilities are first priority

With the desire to become the favorite rice brand of Vietnamese consumers, VuaGao believes that product quality and attentive service are important factors in bringing satisfaction to customers. Coming to VuaGao, you will always receive reliable advice and support throughout the purchase process and product experience.

Attractive incentives and after-sales policies

To give customers the best benefits as well as being able to buy the most satisfactory products, in addition to ensuring product quality standards, VuaGao always offers preferential programs with attractive prices and a long-term after-sales policy.

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