• Huong Lai rice is a hybrid of an American rice variety.
  • Rice grain is large, white,  and light jasmine fragrant when cooked.
  • The rice grains bloom evenly, are slightly sticky, and have a light sweet taste when chew well.
  • Storage: Place in a cool and dry place, and close the packaging tightly after use.
  • HSD: 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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Origin: Việt Nam


Huong Lai fragrant rice also known as jasmine fragrant rice, is one of the most popular rice types on the market today. Thanks to characteristics such as big, uniform, beautiful white rice grain, cooked rice have a slight jasmine flavor, so this rice type is very popular with Vietnamese families and is chosen as the main rice type in daily meals. However, do you really understand all about the characteristics of this rice type? Let's find out with VuaGao now!

1. What is Huong Lai fragrant rice?

Huong Lai fragrant rice is also known as jasmine fragrant rice. This rice type belongs to the jasmine rice variety, so some people also call it jasmine rice, because the characteristics of cooked rice are fragrant, tasty, and fleshy.  Huong Lai fragrant rice is currently chosen by families as the main rice type in their daily meals.

Jasmine rice variety, originating from the Philippines, was crossed and tested in the US, with a short growing time (also known as short-term rice). This rice variety was officially imported into Vietnam in 1992, is widely and popularly grown, and occupies a large of the total rice cultivation area in the Mekong Delta. This rice variety is high-yield and has nutritional value.


Gạo thơm Hương Lài 

Huong Lai rice is often grown in two seasons: Summer - Autumn and Winter - Spring, because these two seasons will produce high and stable yields. VuaGao's Huong Lai Rice is packed in 5kg per bag at a reasonable price and convenient, so it is favored by many families, restaurants, and eateries. In addition, this delicious rice type is also exported to other countries because of its quality and beautiful appearance.


Đặc sản gạo hương lài dẻo thơm

2. Types of jasmine rice today

  • Jasmine rice (Milk-Jasmine fragrant rice): This rice has a natural light jasmine scent, you will feel a slight sweetness when chewed thoroughly. Cooked rice is soft and fragrant, still delicious after cooling.

  • Lai Mien Fragrant Rice: is a natural seasonal rice organically grown in Cambodia. This rice type has long, slender, bright white grains, and is easy to cook. Cooked jasmine rice is medium-sticky, soft, sweetly tasty, and naturally fragrant.


Hạt gạo thoảng hương lài tự nhiên

2.1 Characteristics of Jasmine rice

  • The rice grain is big, not chalky, and beautiful white

  • When cooked, it gives off a characteristic light jasmine flavor.

  • The cooked rice grains are even, slightly sticky, and have a slight sweetness if chewed thoroughly. (bloom- 2, stickiness - 4, softness - 5)

  • Rice quality is good, meeting the standards for export.

2.2 Nutritional content of Huong Lai rice


>= 315 kcal

>= 1317 kJ

Protein Content

>= 6g

 Fat content

>= 0,4g


>= 71g

 Iron content

>= 2mg/kg

 Sodium content

>= mg/kg

3. How to use Huong Lai fragrant rice

  • Measure rice depending on the needs and purposes of use.

  • Wash the rice thoroughly to remove the outer layer of dirt.

  • CAdd water at the ratio of 1 kg of rice: 1 liter of water.


Đong gạo theo tỷ lệ có sẵn trên bao bì sẽ cho cơm ngon hơn

Tips for you:

  • Not opening the lid of the pot while cooking, and using chopsticks or specialized tools to stir the rice, which helps the cooked rice will be more fragrant and delicious.

  • Storage: It is necessary to store rice in a dry place, avoiding insects such as weevils and moisture which reduce the quality of rice.

4. Where to buy fragrant jasmine rice?

Currently, many places are trading fragrant jasmine rice with many different brands on the market. Besides, some positions sell good quality rice, and there are also many places doing business just for profit, mixing fake and poor quality rice.

As a business always puts the interests of our customers first, the quality of our products is always guaranteed. We always believe that "Customers are like our relatives", only healthy relatives will make us feel secure to do business. VuaGao is confident to be an enterprise providing natural quality rice bags with no pesticide residues, and no bleaching agents, ensuring strict inspection from planting to product creation with a production process based on a modern closed line.


Gạo thơm hương lài mang lại bữa ăn ngon cho gia đình bạn

5. Why choose VuaGao?

5.1 Cultivation method

  • Huong Lai fragrant rice is cultivated on separate, fertile, and safe fields, guaranteed to be rigorously tested.

  • The quality control process from buying fresh paddy to producing finished products is always guaranteed to comply with BRC and HACCP standards.

  • Fertilizers or pesticides are used in each specific period and recorded according to the instructions of the agricultural engineer.

5.2 Why should you choose our product?

Manufacturing based on a modern closed line

  • Testing strictly from planting to finished products.

  • No pesticide residues and no impregnating chemicals that affect consumers' health

  • Packing carefully in  the bag

  • Make sure the rice is not contaminated with bacteria from the surrounding environment


Chọn gạo sạch chọn Vua Gạo

Our rice products always meet international quality standards

  • All rice products of VuaGao are registered to BRC INTERNATIONAL standards.

  • Make sure the rice is always new, the expiry date is clear, and not mixed with poor quality rice or expired rice.

  • Fast and dedicated customer service, always putting customer value first.

Surely through this VuaGao's article, you also somewhat better understand the characteristics of Huong Lai fragrant rice. Hope you can choose the right rice type for your family's meal and have a happy meal!

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Status: In stock
Origin: Việt Nam
Status: In stock
Origin: Việt Nam
Status: In stock
Origin: Việt Nam

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Status: In stock
Origin: Việt Nam

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