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King Green Natural Foods Joint Stock Company COMMITMENT

• All customers' information will be confidential when accessing the website

• Below are the terms of our privacy commitment. Please read carefully because this is the right of customers on the internet. The privacy terms are intended to show respect for the rights and interests of our customers when experiencing our website.

 Collection of personal information:

• When accessing the website or using some features to receive newsletters on the website.

•In addition, with the help of some website status monitoring tools, we can also obtain information about the number of times customers visit our website, including the number of web pages you read, and the number the link you clicked related to our website.

•Other information collected: IP address, language, time and retrieval address.

Purpose of using personal information:

•The personal information of customers is collected and stored, we are committed to keeping it 100% confidential. We only use this information for the purpose of consulting, quoting, and informing customers about promotions being applied to better take care of customers.

Some notes on privacy commitment

•However, the leakage of information on the internet is inevitable, so we only guarantee that the information of our customers who have come to us will be confidential. As for the information, hackers get, or the customer's improper use of the internet (let someone else know the account information and password; use the same computer with many people but do not log out of the account, delete the history of the process; your personal computer is infected with malware, spyware, etc.)  which surpasses our security capabilities

In some cases, we are forced to share information.

First of all, we would like to reiterate, we are committed to protecting customer information 100%. But in some cases we will have to disclose the following customer information:

+ In some projects that need market research, we will hire a unit to conduct the research project. And then we will provide them with information, but we will ask this third party to absolutely keep the information we provide confidentially.

+ Some cases are related to law, to legitimate interests of enterprises such as when required by competent legal authorities.

Note the policy change:

•The policy of is completely subject to change without prior notice to the customer. The changes are to improve and bring a more customer-friendly environment when accessing our website.

•The content of changes and corrections of our new Privacy Policy is only effective on Therefore, there is a request to provide any information that is not a request of the administration of, please read and learn carefully before providing personal information. We are not responsible if you provide personal information to a unit other than our website.

•Contact information: To be most user-friendly, we look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions to improve the website: Any questions or suggestions please send them to us via email: or phone number: 1800 8012.

 Thank you very much for your interest and support!!!

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