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Questions 1
How is Safe Rice different from Organic Rice?

Clean Rice is produced and controlled like water and soil. The process of crop production ensures quality according to the allowed standards. See more of our rice process here.
Organic rice is 100% naturally produced rice, ensuring all the elements of soil, water, air, ... In Vietnam, it is difficult to have an environment to ensure all of the above factors.

Question 3
Rice weevils, how to workarounds for the problem?

When detecting rice weevils, pour out a sheet of rice and then thinly spread rice. Rice weevils will crawl out of the rice, at that time, you can kill them. For rice without termites, you can store in sealed plastic bags. As for rice that you are not sure whether or not there is an infection, put it in the fridge for 4-5 days to kill insects.

Question 2
Where is King Green - VUA GAO delivered and how much time is needed if I order online?

King Rice will constantly develop and expand the geography, in order to best support all consumers nationwide. Currently the South - Ho Chi Minh City and the North - Hanoi are the two main bases of King Rice. See the address: here

Fragrant Rice King Rice is available at most supermarkets such as Vinmart, Emart, Postmart, Co.op Mart, ... and convenient stores such as Bach Hoa Xanh, Co.op Food, VinMart +, .. .
Customers who place orders online can contact the hotline 18008012 for our quick support. Working hours from 8.AM to 17h30PM.

Question 4
Where does Fragrant Rice of Vua Gao come from and from what kind of rice?

King Fragrant Rice Rice is cultivated from specialized fields, ensuring the strict standards of BRC and ISO 22000.
The products go through several stages before being packaged. These sections are also upgraded and constantly improved.
Most of the rice varieties selected by King Rice for cultivation and production are quality rice varieties such as ST21, ST24, Dai Thom 8, Nang Hoa, Kha dak mali, ...

Question 6
What is the Horeca channel, King Green's Horeca products?

Horeca is the syllable acronym of the words Hotel - Restaurant - Catering / Cafe;
is a business term for people / individuals / organizations / businesses specializing in the provision of food and / or beverages (collectively referred to as foodservice) for the restaurant, hotel and catering services industry. other related.
The Horeca Products of King Rice are very diverse, including the best-selling products such as: Rice Rice, Scum Scum, ... See more here: Horeca Products

Question 7
Can we use Fragrant Rice of Vua Gao to cook rice cakes?

The smoothness and deliciousness from Vua Gao will make your rice cake stand out.
Quickly prepare rice cakes with King Green at: see more

Question 8
How does dirty rice affect our bodies?

Really careful when choosing to buy rice for the family because dirty rice has a great influence.
The chemical toxins contained in pesticides, excessive fertilizer will remain on dirty rice grains, causing sediment of heavy metals such as Lead, Arsenic, mercury, ...
These substances when entering the body cause many damage to blood cells, heart and especially increase the risk of cancer is very high.
So choose to buy Clean Rice, Safe to protect the body

Question 9
Fragrant Rice Vua Gao is suitable for processing baby porridge.

Vua Gao King Green is really good to choose low-grade products to prepare dishes, especially porridge dishes because of their deliciousness, softness and ensure food hygiene and safety according to standards.
Rest assured processing the porridge food for children.
Vua Gao will share the secret of cooking porridge dishes: here

Question 10
How to choose the type of rice bran safe and suitable for the skin.

Rice bran is really good for the body and especially for the skin. However, the rice bran layer in addition to those nutrients also has harmful substances such as lead, arsenic, etc.So choosing masks with rice bran should choose to buy at reputable beauty facilities with quality accreditation. amount clear.
Limited and should only be used less than 3 times a week.

Question 11
Compare  Fragrant Rice Dam Da - ST24 of Vua Gao with ST24 Rice in the market.

 Fragrant Rice Vua Gao cultivated with BRC international food safety standards and is ISO 22000. So it is safe to choose Fragrant Rice Dam Da - ST24 for your family to use if your family prefers delicious rice varieties.

Question 12
Does Vua Gao have promotions for retail customers?

Vua Gao King Green always has policies for customers who contact the Hotline 18008012. Retail customers will receive a minimum discount of 5% and will enjoy a free delivery policy for orders over 20kg in the inner area of the city

Does rain cooking water affect Vua Gao's Rice quality?

Fragrant Rice Vua Gao has a mild aroma, a sweet taste and a moderate level of smoothness. To achieve the best quality of cooked rice, it is recommended to use clean water.
Rainwater is closed and filtered to still be usable. However, rainwater should be restricted at locations near factories or densely populated areas

Question 14
Preserve the best Fragrant Rice Vua Gao at home !

Rice, especially Fragrant Rice Vua Gao, has the best shelf life of about 6 months.
For best preservation Rice for gradual use, rice should be placed in Jars or jars, millet 15cm above the ground. Also cover the mushrooms after each use.

Question 15
Details of VUA GAO products and water ratio.

Most Fragrant Rice Vua Gao products have a light, moderate scent.
And usually has a water ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 1.2
With this ratio, the cooked rice will be very round and more delicious.

Question 16
Where is the Vua Gao King Green factory?

VUA GAO Products are currently being manufactured at the Branch of Thuan Minh Import Export Joint Stock Company.
Address: Hamlet 3, Long Cang Commune, Can Duoc District, Long An Province




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